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True Insights

A book that interprets parables and  focuses on your thoughts, and the thoughts of others.  

True Spiritual Inspiration

A book that creates enlightenment, consciousness of your thoughts and awareness of self. 

Volume 1 

This book demystifies what has been hidden from you for so long. Right here, right now, you will discover the laws of  Universal Mind.

About the Author

Author and publisher of numerous books, plays and screenplays. David continues to break new ground in the area of publishing; especially in the field of Mind Science.  Additional Mind Science volumes are soon to be released.

David has created a full learning series that encompasses learning for adults and children in the areas of Vedic Mathematics, Esoteric Sciences, Consciousness, Inspirational Lectures, Cybersecurity Technology, Law, Coaching, and Mentoring.  Many of his achievements can be found throughout his podcasts, Youtube Channel, blog, and website at

This book really offers the ability to understand that Psalms are parables; parables that reflect conversations between you and your Higher Mind.

Shane Ayers

I wish I had this book in my library all those years I have been going to church.  Now I really have some questions for my pastor!!

Carmen Lacy

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Special Webinar - (FREE!!)

Learning to Use the Psalms for Success!!

In this webinar, you will be introduced to the power of the Psalms and begin to learn how to apply the power to achieve success.

July 1, 2020

Price: Donation Event

Time: 8:00 pm EST 

Platform TBA Sunday evening.

Sundays at 8:05 pm EST

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A spiritual show that enlightens and brings out the inspiration contained within biblical scriptures from around the world.

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