Transformation – Achievement

Not to long ago, I had a client that wanted a better job.  She was making a meager salary, had a decent savings, but she was not happy in the position she was currently in.  The client told me that each day she would awake, she felt drudgery, despair and hopelessness.  Each day was filled with drama on the job including arguments with her boss, not to mention the strenuous physical activity that the current job demanded.

All this client wanted was, a job that  that allowed her to wake up every morning feeling great; being in a place where she was needed, and a job that was enjoyable the entire day through.  Not much to ask, as most people ask for the same thing.

I knew that this type of transformation the client wanted was not one of physical training, but of mental transformation.  The client approached me in a state of distress, and through reference, asked if I could truly help her transform into a space where she would desire to be.

Without hesitation, I addressed all of her doubts, and before meeting her for the first time in person, I told her to start preparing for the new job that she was about to be hired for.  Puzzled, because we barely got started, I worked with her attitude, her self-talk, and her criticism of others; not to mention her resume, dress and outlook on life.

Needless to say, over a period of two months, we worked together.  As time passed, no longer did she foresee going into her current job and arguing with her boss.  The picture in her mind of the intense conversations with her boss daily, were so strong in her mind, that her feeling of self-worth had diminished over time.  Thus, we created a new employer to replace an old one.

Later, in her sessions, we eradicated her doubts, fears and self-sabotaging activities that were stopping her from moving forward.  We even built her confidence level to where it needed to be.

The great news is, she is now working a new job in the area of sales at a Fortune 500 company, and has increased her salary more than 25%. Her boss has high hopes for her, and the most wonderful news about this story, is the fact that she not only creates her own hours, but she now wakes up with a story to tell about a job she loves driving to each morning!