A Story of Transformation

Not too long ago, I had a client that was interested in attending a diplomatic gala that was to take place four months after our initial consultation.    The event was to be filled with a number of dignitaries and politicians.  My client was twenty pounds over the weight she desired to be, and she wanted to really to attend the affair.

She was visibly concerned that she may not be able to attend, and would consider all options to be able to spend the time of her life at an event that meant so much to her.  She had tried many videos and was even attending the gym, but nothing was working.  She was close to the point of no hope.

My first reaction was to jump into action and focus my client spiritually and mentally. The first thing to consider was to get my client’s overall state of being.  In considering my client’s concern,  one of the things I integrated in the coaching was diet and exercise.  Upon starting the regimen, I needed to do everything in my power to reflect the best for her.

When I got home that day, I took a good look in the mirror and did not like what I saw.  Here I was giving advice, but I myself was overweight and knew I was borderline with high blood pressure and I was 221 pounds.  If I was going to ask my client to step it up several notches, then I needed to be in sync with her spiritually.  So I decided to make my regimen equivalent to hers.

This is what I looked like when I first started.  This is what I look like today at 193 pounds.  When you work with me, my aim is to be in sync with you, my client.