The Prayer Plant Project

Building a Greenhouse for change

Desire is planted. When I pray, I pray or desire health, wealth, prosperity, love to the plant. In giving a Prayer Plant to someone, that plant I prayed upon, absorbs my vibration of love and intention, and holds it for the person or persons it is delivered to. Let me tell you, the plant holds a tremendous vibration. And what else does the prayer plant do for you?

• Reminds you that it at one time started as a seed in the ground, only to grow and harvest new leaves, flowers, fruit or vegetables. I send plants of flowers.
• Reminds you that my prayers deliver oxygen as plants take in your carbon monoxide. Yes, the prayer plant provides you breath of life all day and everyday you are in the same room
• Remind you that the plant holds and will continue to hold the prayer vibration
• Remind you that you should hold the positive vibration also
• Remind you that you can share that energy
• You are the one that will keep it alive through your positive vibration

From seedlings to fully mature plants, the project will provide them, as we take part of the proceeds to Aspoonful, to grow our own greenhouse and plant nursery. It all starts with a greenhouse and then we employ the people to keep you in mind as they operate in bringing you plants of life.

This will be designated as a non-profit organization. The project is further designed to invite people from all over the world to come and experience and remember how their own mind works. People will not only come and visit, but they will participate in workshops, seminars, and be able to bring their own plants they wish to donate, and we will grow them as well.

This project, destined for growth, needs your help. Please select the Donate button and contribute what you can in order to get this project off the ground. We will all be amazed as we plant the seeds, only to watch the harvest of the great greenhouse. Thank you very much.