Perfect Soulmate Book

Finding Your Perfect Soulmate or Business Partner: Learn More About Yourself and Others Through the Science of Numbers by [Smith, David, Adolphus, Bernard]

Now the Book Finding Your Perfect Soulmate or Business Partner is on Kindle!  It is time to have your questions about partnerships answered once and for all!

  • Looking to start a new romance or partnership, but don’t know how to go about it?
  • Perhaps you would like to know what a relationship has in store for you before you sign that contract or hold hands with that potential partner?
  • Maybe you are already involved in a relationship, business, or marriage and want a better understanding?
  • Some of you may be in love with someone at the moment, but they find it hard to say they love you back?
  • Wouldn’t be nice to know what possibly might save a relationship from a hurtful breakup, or perhaps you may be going through a divorce or separation and want to know the true reasons as to why the situation has arisen?
  • Single parents, you too may have questions yourselves, looking to avoid a headache in looking for a person right for you and your children?
  • You may be wondering what kind of person is attracted to you or what kind of person you are attracted to?
  • All these questions and more are addressed in this new and revised third edition of Perfect Soulmate.

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