About Me

Born in New York, I have been into creating portals of information for spiritual enlightenment since 1993.  Did I have a particular revelation one day? Yeah, you can say that.  My awakening began in the spring of 1983, at least as last I can remember. In short, information signs kept coming to me over and over and instead of ignoring the messages, I spent a lot of time trying to figure them out.  Well, it is now 2018, and I am still on the journey to keep up with the information that streams through the air as if I was standing under a waterfall.  Such events led me to become a personal relationship coach, spiritual adviser and relationship event companion.

I love to participate in many activities, and I sincerely believe in looking at everything through feeling and eyes of love.  Love is everything. Although, not everyone is loving, but I believe you must carry that vibration in order to manifest the true reality you are experiencing.  I believe in providing you with as much information as possible, so prepare to stand under that same waterfall in order to experience the joys of wonderful relationships.