True Transformation!

Relationship and Spiritual Coaching

Welcome to Aspoonful Coaching Services, where the services provided are designed to raise your frequency or vibration to a higher level. It is time for you to feel the energy.

Energy, both positive and negative, have an intelligence of their own. At Aspoonful, I choose to have you focus on a positive energy that will assist you in all relationships and endeavors throughout life. I challenge you to find the true you and have fun doing it.

Seeking Better Relationships?

Are you looking for improvement in dating relationships? Are you looking for someone to point out what challenges and/or changes you face when it comes to improving a relationship; whether it be with self, family, friends or business?

Perhaps you just want to get a better spiritual understanding of self? Or maybe, you would like someone like myself to attend different events such as white water rafting or a high-end dinner gala with special entertainment or performances in order to share the feelings of a meaningful relationship?  I will be right there by your side.

I look to bring out the best in you, and allow you to feel as comfortable as you want to be during the true transformation of who you really are.  If you are seeking a more spiritual side of yourself, begin by listening to the podcasts on this site to understand how deep we can go in the spirituality of things.  It is up to you!

The Focus is on You

Whether online, in your home or at an event, I work with you as you transform to being who you truly are and seek to help you enjoy the experience.  Your experience can be instructional or just enjoying the vibe of an outing with a person that enjoys sharing the positive in life.

My approach in all sessions is to harness your energy forces, invisible to the human senses, particularly the naked eye, and have them radiate throughout all your relationships and challenges in life; whether they be work,  social, financial or whatever.

Your all-inclusive energy, one that exists among every man and woman in this Third-Dimension, can be used positively, whereby I will work with you to avoid allowing negative energy to consume you without discrimination as to who, what, where or why you are.  It is what it is, energy; a force that doesn’t have boundaries that is easily recognized, and you are the Operant power of the energy I will help you harness.

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Spiritual Awakening – Wizard of OZ – Path to Soul’s Illumination Ep. 11

The Aspoonful of Knowledge Consciousness Hour! A show designed to bring knowledge to people a spoonful at a time. Receive an understanding how both the book and movie the The Wonderful Wizard of OZ is representative of spiritual awakening and illumination of your soul.

Begin to understand the secrets of the Schools of the Mysteries, symbology of illumination, cosmology and the soul and how you can understand spiritual awakening for yourself through the movie and the book the Wonderful Wizard of OZ.