Welcome to Aspoonful of Knowledge

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This site as well as all episodes viewed online are based on raising your frequency or vibration to a higher level. Energy, both positive and negative, have an intelligence of their own. At Aspoonful, we choose to have you focus on a positive energy that will assist you in all endeavors throughout life.

Energy forces, invisible to the human senses, particularly the naked eye, exist among man in the third-dimension, and can consume you without discrimination as to who, what, where or why you are.  It is what it is, energy, a force that doesn’t have boundaries that are easily recognized.

The key to handling energy is to use it with intention, and here at Aspoonful, we intend to provide you with as much knowledge as possible, a spoonful at a time.  Thus, wherever you go, whatever activity you participate in, the time or who is present, we want you to carry on the torch and project a positive energy. It will never hurt you, but only build a greater character and personality within you, opening doors of your desire.

This site is an ever-evolving site that will offer publications, courses, lectures and webinars in order to give you the tools to shine the light of Love among yourselves and all others around you.  Please continue to return to this site, as you will see many changes in the near future. Peace and blessings.

Intro Episode Asp001

Welcome episode.  Who I am and what does the Aspoonful of Knowledge Series represent? We are all about relationships and consciousness.  Each episode is designed to make us all think.