Customized - Online, In-Person and Group Training

Parents of Public, Private and Home school Students!

Are you looking for your child to demonstrate confidence and success in their academics?

At Aspoonful of Knowledge Learning Center, we teach your child a spoonful at a time with faster and more efficient learning skills. 

Specializing in grades 3-10.  

What do we have your child focus on?

·    Mastering the basics
o   Math (Using Vedic, Rapid and Mental Math Learning Techniques)
o   Science
o   Reading
o   Computer Programming
o   Languages

·         building their confidence
·         building self-discipline
·         customized curriculum
·         developing logical, critical and analytical thinking skills
·         improving study habits
·         building concentration and memory

When it comes to the core subjects such as math, science or reading, or essential knowledge topics such as computer programming, we make sure your child understands the basics and is able to implement them in their academic institutions. 

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    Tapping Into the Genius of Your Child
    by David E. Smith Jr. - Sunday, 20 March 2016, 8:24 PM

    Welcome to the portal that will not only challenge the student, but will work hard to bring out the genius in your child; a genius that already exists within them.  Are you ready for your child to meet that challenge?